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Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 38576057
Closing Date 20 - Mar - 2020  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of misc.iron & steel construction comp. warranty failed parts scrap, waste paper carton rubbish scrap, packing scrap material wood, ms cut pieces of auto parts, scrapped aluminium part, scrap comb of rub plas rex metal frp part, damaged iron drums / patty / filter tray, plastic scrap non excible-used damaged plastic drums, plastic jerry cans, iron drum ms 20 l to 30 l used, ms barrels 200 ltrs 2nd qlty ici paint, plastic drums, scrapped (used) auto tyre set, used tyres of forklift, lcv, auto tyre-set, aluminium turnings & m/c chips, lcv/car tyre tube & flap set, scrap broken glasses, scraped batterys line rejected dfaced battery, used oil waste / used oil 220l drum, used/spent solvent.
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal Tenders Ref.No 38598163
Closing Date 20 - Mar - 2020  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of industrial refuse, scrap35/scrap35 nmpl wooden scrap, discarded al.vessels/ aluminium scrap, scrap56-corrugated/ cardboard boxes, types of scrap / leftover iron & steel, used / scrapped hardware, rubber part scrap, discarted glass & glass items, used wheels of trolleys, scrap aluminium cables, scrapped office chairs, puncture new tyres, used/ scrapped three wheeler tyre, scrap-defaced rejected steel component, electrical cable & wiring harness, scrap cable iron, plastic scrap, scrpoly- it consists of good quality used polythene, industrial refuse polythene, scrap- p p boxes in broken condition.
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 38575163
Closing Date 19 - Mar - 2020  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of c.i. turning boring, scrap m.s.turning boring, scrap: corrugated/ card board boxes, wooden scrap, scrap : defaced auto components, misc iron/steel /fabrication scrap, scrap: defaced aluminium engine parts, scrap :aluminium turning boring scrap, scrap paper, used & broken grinding wheels, brass scrap, copper scrap, 3004scrteflonwheel-accumulated teflon trolley wheels, 60007a-scrap used tyres of all types, scrap of used, broken aluminium, canteen stainless steel utensil, diamond tips, canteen aluminium utensil, broken plain glass, used/unused damaged/ broken electrical motors, scrap empty plastic carbuoys, scrap :210 liters drums filled with used engine oil, scrap extraction of waste oil, empty plastic drum capacity, scrap: empty 200/206/210 liters metal drum, electrical scrap, e-waste, scrap :industrial refuse,
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 38554927
Closing Date 18 - Mar - 2020  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of c i boring with trace of oil & coolant, steel turning and boring scrap, iron & steel scrap both heavy and light e.g. structural steel, bailing strips / tor steel used (mangled, bent, twisted all dias and of any length), pipes including fittings of pipes e.g. bends, collars etc of gi/ steel/ mix alloy of all sizes & lengths which can be accommodated in a truck, metallic pallets / bins, all types of fabricated items & left over pieces during fabrication. steel wires, scraped g i sheets, cut m.s. shelves & storing bins, m.s. fittings at the end of rubber pipes, m.s. nut-bolts/ washers/screws. scrap top and bottom sheet, packing steel sheet cover of steel sheet bundles, scrap c.i. lumps from foundry with or without slag, moulding boxes, conveyor, dies, machinery parts, steel items, lead locks of tyres, (including rejected machines not covered under capital goods) and other excisable items. (all above material in wet, rusted, painted condition -“as is where is basis” ) etc, damaged defaced c.i.casting scrap, scrap defaced auto components & warranty garage scrap of all types of material with iron/ steel/ rubber etc including all types of cables (except electrical cables, aluminium parts & aluminium casting material), scrap process damaged / scrapped in complete sheet metal parts in defaced condition, scrap corrugated/cardboard boxes wet/dry in any condition, shapes and sizes/with or without gunny cloth., wooden scrap in all forms and sizes and any lenght, such as indian splintered packing wood, broken pcs of wood, broken/unbroken/scrapped non usable wooden pallets with or without steel frame and any other scrap wooden materials including black old and small pcs, wooden batons/bamboo in all sizes, any type of plywood /unbroken scrapped furniture items. (segregation or dismantling of stack/ boxes is not allowed in company premises, and if done cut piece of wood of any size, shape, length & chura generated at the time of dismentaling is to be lifted in this category only), scrap of defaced aluminum casting components, aluminum auto parts, / radiator guards, -warranty returned scrap. this lot includes all types of aluminum scrap including processed aluminum scrap. (no segregation of attachment parts will be allowed - as per discretion of management), industrial refuse (emd@ 50%): contains: scrapped papers (wet or dry), carbon paper, cotton waste, packing grass/packing waste/all type of packing material such as thermocole pieces, of jute bags, stationery items, gunny bags/hessian cloth and its pcs, coir pcs, broken glass of all types, damaged/cut/ coated buckets/ baskets/ carboys /drums (metal or plastic) with or without top & bottom lids, empty tea boxes, bins, biscuit tins, bottles & rubber cuttings, burnt coke, broken cement drain pipes, aprons, all types scrapped/used /discarded/f & os items such as spectacles, goggles, face shield, hand gloves. all types of scrapped rubber/ fibre glass items generated from store or any other sources in our plant with soil or putty coating. broken bakelite items with or without metal contactor, broken pots, slightly cut/ damaged/ warn tyres (which can’t be disposed off through regular tyre lot i.e.scrap47) of company used vehicles, saw dust (lakadi bhusa), small wooden clips, burnt/black/white ant eaten wooden planks, used tea leaves, gunny. used empty glass bottles, broken glass pieces cloth pcs. used hand gloves without oil soaked like cotton, leather, broom, brushes and other refuse accumulating every day, all types rubber sheets, bags, torn & damaged corrugated boxes, waste papers, cut carboys, sheets, straws, torn gunny bags, cloth pcs. as is whre is basis/discarded/f & os items such as spectacles, goggles, face shield, all types of scrap rubber/ plastics/ pvc/ fibre glass items, scrap of any other rubber/ plastic any other items generated from store or any other sources in our plant, with soil or putty coating or any other coating metal other than copper/al/brass dust/chura generated when gas cutting, packing boxes strips of plastic / metallic, broken plastic/ bakelite items with or without metal contactor, soaked wet paper & cotton waste, broken pots, broken glasses, plastic papers, saw dust, cuttings of tyres of company used vehicles, small wooden clips burnt/black/ white ant eaten wooden planks, sheared/torn papers, used tea leaves, gunny pieces, used emery papers, used emery cloth, used scraped filters with or without frame, nylon and metallic wire mesh, broken hume pipes, synthetic material, scrap citofil wire floor mat, broken cup saucers, broken and damaged chairs/seats with or without metal, housekeeping dust & debris mixed with line thrown un-segregated hardware, corrugated / cardboard box, wood, nonhazardous, non-contaminated cloth pcs, cotton waste, hand gloves, cloth body covers etc. you will deploy vehicles for lifting material from our other locations/ warehouse also as per our schedule. industrial refuse: all types of scrap rubber, plastic, pvc
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 38747474
Closing Date 06 - Mar - 2020  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Action sale of contractors for the year 2020 –2022 .*#scrap contractors for the year 2020 –2022 - papers, wooden and other scrap (weightage 50%), news papers (all types), magazines etc., shredding paper / mix of white all colours and of all thickness complete, old books registers /files /folders and all stationeries etc. , empty plain card board boxes of diff. sizes, shapes etc. (brown/ white colour) from small to big (corrigated boxes), miscellaneous broken glass scrap, broken bottles , sheet glass 4mm to 12mm in all sizes, broken switches, electrical switch board, fan regulators, plug, sockets etc., fused bulbs (cfl, ordinary bulbs , tube lights of all types, empty gunny bags (large and small), wooden santlilng , stripes, pieces , logs, pattis, ply, teak wood etc. of various sizes, packing material (indian/ imported) of all types of misc. items, condemned cotton pillows with or without cover complete, condemned cotton waste linen ragged white / green / blue/ toned / soiled / etc. (all colours), condemned terricot waste linen ragged white / green/ blue / toned / soild / etc. (all colours), condemned thick drill clothes / blankets (all colour), condemned cotton/foam/coir mattresses with or without cover complete, old cartridge / rollers etc. of all sizes and make, wax blocks of all sizes, shapes complete , tyres per kg, all types of glass bottles and other glass scraps, used oil (machine), old battery, broken cast iron pipes including collar,bend, bracket etc., g . i. a/c ducting including collar, bends, galvanized sheets etc. , old m.s. / g. i. pipes (assorted length & sizes) including all fitting etc. , broken aluminum wire pieces with pvc insulation in pieces and full length complete including broken switches, miscellaneous aluminum scraps, hollow pipes, soil alum. (nonmagnetic, stripes, screws, false ceiling, runner, panels complete ), aluminum a/c filters , stainless steel (nonmagnetic ) vessles , angles , bracket, utensil, drums, angles etc., misc. copper scrapes, plates, stripes, sheets glass 4mm to 12mm in all sizes complete, miscellaneous bass scarps , plates, stripes, sheets, angles, pipes complete, broken hard plastic, broken black or white colour cans including clear plastic of 5 liters to 20 liters, empty plastic containers /can (5 ltrs) black & white, miscellaneous plastic scrap, plates, stripes ,sheets, pipes etc., empty plastic oil tins of 15ltrs , empty plastic containers of all types.
Sector Hotels and Restaurants Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 38506797
Closing Date 29 - Feb - 2020  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supplying items, fresh vegetables & fruits, mutton, fish & sea foods, eggs, chicken & chicken products, milk & milk products, pork products, tinned food & bottle products, flowers & flower decorator, items of tent house & decoration, ice cream, grocery & provisions, house keeping cleaning items & guest supplies, pest control, charcoal & solid fuel, electrical goods, supply of sanitary & hardware items, paints, frozen peas, refined oil & ghee, office stationery, computer stationery & goods, upholster, printing jobs, shoes, guest linen & uniform materials, motor rewinding, electric decorator, civil/electrical contractor, security agency, tailors, plumbing/exterior & interior paint contractor, tandooria, crockery, cutlery & glassware, polishing & silver plating contractor.
Sector Hotels and Restaurants Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Goa Tenders Ref.No 38747046
Closing Date 29 - Feb - 2020  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
supply of the items on a annual rate contract for food & beverage: mutton/lamb; buffalo meat; pork and pork products, local chicken and eggs; fish/seafood; fresh fruits; fresh local vegetables; fresh english vegetables; fresh noodles & asian produce; frozen food products/frozen cold cuts; fresh milk and dairy products; ice creams; dry provisions/groceries local (tinned & canned, dry fruits, spices and portion packs) and dry provisions imported (canned & tinned); indian sweets / savoury snacks & live counters (chaats, gola, candy floss, sugarcane juice, charkha kulfi, paan etc); breads (sliced, goan pao, etc), indian breads (paratha, chapathi etc), savouries (tarts, cones, tortillas etc) and other bakery supplies (cookies etc); ice (block, cubes & dry), imported meat and seafood, imported cheese and dairy. #*. general items: office stationery; cleaning supplies; gel fuel, firewood and charcoal; consumables and swimming pool chemicals; f&b supplies. packaging materials & disposables; flowers; guest supplies; spa supplies (massage oils, aromatic oils, diffuser oils etc); #*. services: supplies of water tanker; courier services (domestic and international); transport services (staff, cargo, purchasing and frozen food transport); casual labour; waste disposal (wet/dry/ horticulture) & scrap disposal; pest control services; housekeeping services (floor, carpet, upholstery cleaning & polishing); contractors (civil, plumbing, electrical, painting, polishing, carpentry, fabrication, motor rewinding, decorators, uniform & tailoring, upholstery tailoring; horticulture & landscaping, recreational activities, etc); hiring of furniture, serial lights, generator sets, glassware, cutlery, crockery, kitchen equipment; banquet tables & chairs, mattresses, mist fans, etc. #*. others: electrical & hardware material: paints: plumbing material: construction material: mirror & glass; air conditioning & refrigeration spares; garden soil, sand, boulders, cow dung, manure, saw dust, etc
Sector Business Consultancy Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 38783399
Closing Date 29 - Feb - 2020  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Glass glazing and other allied works of oberoi garden premises co-op. Soc. Ltd. In andheri (e).
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Goa Tenders Ref.No 38788386
Closing Date 29 - Feb - 2020  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of food items - american shelled corn/green peas / chinese items/peeled garlic & whole garlic / eggs / mutton & mutton products / chicken & chicken products/ fresh & frozen sea foods / pruits / indian & english vegetable / pulses / groceries/dry fruits / masala / atta/ maida / rice/ice block, cubes & dry ice / ice cream & kulfi / juices / mexican products/tetra pack milk milk & milk products/yogurts / dairy products / cheese (imported & local) / mineral water / glass bottle water / ladi pav & slice bread/ chapart/cold cuts pork & chicken) / sweet & farsan/bakery products (chocolate frozen fings & fruits, pre mixes, fresh yeast, gel & other) / canned products / imported can, pasta & groceries / biscuits / loose tea & coffee/mk sachets / sugar / refined oil & olive oil/ honey / jam miniatures & honey bisters / dry fruits sachet & jars. non food - cleaning chemicals (engg. kst & h/k) / warmex fuel & liquid fuel /charcoal / cake base & boxes / pest control / laundry services / facade cleaning / carpet cleaning / marble maintenance / shoes / glassware (ocean & pasabache) / printing stationery / general & housekeeping item mop & brushes) / cloth & jute bags / banquet decoration materiala, a.v. equipment suppliers and event organizers on hire. / entertainment (pianist) / engineering items / painting and polishing material / garbage bags food containers / hiring of orchid piants & plants / complete uniform set & uniform stitching / gardening material / omice stationery / wet & dry garbage pick-up / stirrers & cocktais sticks/tissue products/ guest amenities & supplies/upholstery stetching / food wrap & foil / cigarettes casual suppliers.flex printing. coloured zerox/valets / security guards car hires. etc
Sector Hotels and Restaurants Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 38623336
Closing Date 28 - Feb - 2020  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Food and beverage items(suppliers holding fssai certification only).fresh vegetables - english vegetables. poultry products, frozen green peas, etc., fresh fruits, fish and seafood products, mutton, pork products, milk and milk products, tetra pack milk, cheese, indian sweets, ice cream, kulfi, canned / bottled products / general food, bakery and confectionery products, chocolate, cocoa powder, etc..aerated beverages and mineral water groceries and provisions (rice, pulses, etc). maida. spices and masalas. dry fruits. blister / sachet items (herbs, sugar, salt, pepper, tomato ketchup, etc.). general food imported. juices - chinese / mexican food items. roti and parathas, disposable items (food containers, glasses, plates, cutlery, cling film etc.). , disposable bags, garbage bags all sizes – glassware, aluminum foil and container. warmex fuel and liquid fuel charcoal, candle, hygiene equipment and miscellaneous, chemicals, laundry, kitchen – housekeeping, engineering, pest control services dry ice/ice cube, cake box and cake base, paper products. guest amenities and supplies, disposable spa items, office stationery, printing, stationery, stickers, upholstery stitching, water tanker, laundry services, staff uniform and shoes, fire extinguisher, engineering items-electrical, hardware, paints.
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